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Solar Films

Protect and enhance your building, office or home with decorative films and solar control window films. Solar Films can be installed over Safety & Security Laminates or onto your existing glass.

Solar Control Window Films

  • Benefit from a film that reflects and absorbs heat and light.
  • Increase energy efficiency in your home; lower your overall utility costs.
  • Reduce air conditioning costs. Reduce HVAC equipment wear and tear/maintenance.
  • Create comfort and privacy.
  • Increase fade resistance.
  • Our Solar Films filter up to 99% of Ultra Violet Rays. Protect your furniture, carpet, draperies, and flooring.
  • Provide greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing Solar Heat gain and bothersome glare.
  • Protect and enhance your building, office or home with decorative films and solar control window films.
  • Solar Films can be installed over Safety & Security Laminates and/or onto your existing glass.

7 Reasons Why to have your glass coated with window film

Fast & Easy – Our professional installation team is prompt, courteous, and have taken years to master their craft. There’s minimal disruption to one’s daily routine or business schedule.

Cut Glare – Whatever the cause — direct sun, reflections from water or surrounding buildings — there is a perfect window film solution to help reduce annoying glare. This improves employee morale and keeps customers comfortable.

Increase Safety – Accidents, environmental effects and vandalism can instantly turn a pane of glass into life-threatening shards. Our highly durable security window films act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together.

Enhance Appearance – Whether it’s a contemporary look or a uniform design, there’s a choice of window films that can aesthetically compliment the exterior of any business or building. Energy savings & design!

Reduce Fading and Health Risks – Window Film blocks up to 99%* of  UV rays, while also significantly reducing heat. This helps to protect your valuable furnishings from fading and provides a “sunscreen” for your skin against the sun.

Enjoy Energy Savings – Reducing temperature imbalances caused by  sunlight is why so many designers, architects and building engineers desire our window films. Reducing heat gain will increase HVAC efficiency and lower energy costs.

Fast & Easy – Our professional installation team is prompt, courteous, and have taken years to master their craft. There’s minimal disruption to one’s daily routine or business schedule.

Pre-Installation Instructions

Airborne Dust/Pet Hair

To reduce the likelihood of dust or pet hair being trapped behind the laminate during the installation process, close or cover any air vents near the windows to be installed and remove pets from the vicinity of the windows. A general vacuum of the area will aid in a cleaner installation.


As a rule of thumb, our technicians will require (3) feet of space directly in front of the windows to be laminated. Any furniture should be moved away from the window if at all possible.


Window Treatments

Remove all ornaments, plants, etc from the window sills and the surrounding area. If any window treatments such as blinds or curtains are obstructing access to the window, it would be a good idea to have them removed. A technician may remove the window treatments for an additional cost at your request. This can be discussed with your representative.

Remember that this is a water-based application and that anything that needs to stay dry should be moved if possible. We make our best effort to keep things dry but the nature of the installation limits our ability to do so. Small factors like this can speed up and improve the installation quality.



Before the installation proceeds, it is a good idea to make note of any cracked panes or broken window seals on a work site. Any imperfections in the glass, including scratches, should be noted and discussed with your consultant. Please note that any stickers or alarm tape must be removed from the window during installation to ensure a proper bond. On occasion, a technician may need to visit a work site to determine what requirements need to be met for a job to be complete, For high windows, a ladder or scaffolding may need to be set up and furniture may need to be moved. Extreme Window Solutions wants to ensure you get the highest quality installation possible, and your cooperation in this matter will help us do so.

Post Installation Care Instructions

Dry Out Time

All our Film products use a soap and water based application. Although the installers attempt to remove as much of the mounting solution as possible, a small amount will remain behind the film. This trapped moisture will either resemble small pockets of water or haziness. This is to be expected and is present in virtually every installation. Any moisture will dissipate and should not be pierced as this will create an unsightly hazy appearance around the piercing.

Drying varies depending on the application and can run from (30) days up to (6) months in extreme cases. Cold weather and the type of film you choose affect the length of drying time. Do not be alarmed. Any moisture will eventually dissipate and does not compromise effective protection. Please note that interior glass can be expected to take significantly longer to cure than glass that receives natural sunlight.


After the film is installed, it is wise to wait (30) days before cleaning your glass. This gives the film enough time to bond to the glass and ensures that you don’t inadvertently lift the edge of the film while cleaning.

Please remember that the film does not have a hard surface of glass and that care should be taken not to use a razor blade or any abrasive cleaning materials to clean the window. Suitable cleaning solutions include standard ammonia based products, vinegar and water, and soap and water. Use separate window cleaning materials and water when washing exterior and interior windows at the same time. Water used in the exterior washing may contain particles that will scratch the film.

Film Properties

With all installations there may be a few dust particles trapped between the film and the glass. This is virtually impossible to avoid and every care is taken by the installer to reduce the amount of dust behind the film. Be aware that the window has been thoroughly cleaned and that any dust particles trapped behind the film was airborne and out of control of the installer.​

“We will gladly refer our friends and family to you when we believe it will give them that extra security they need and peace of mind.”
– C.Y. Vancouver, BC

Safety & Security Film

In today’s ever changing world, safety and security has become an everyday concern for people and their property. Our line of Safety Films & Security Laminates are tested and proven to provide a unique protective barrier between what is most important to you and the increasingly dangerous world outside.

Protect your retail, commercial and residential buildings or automotive (any windowed structure) from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft, and accidents.

  • That are micro-thin, virtually invisible, with excellent optical clarity without shadowing or yellowing your facility’s glass.
  • A heavy-duty polyester film bonded by special adhesives that is simply applied to the interior of new or existing glass with powerful results.
  • A powerful deterrent to smash and grab thieves. Our Security Laminate products form an invisible shield that holds broken glass in place – delaying and deterring perpetrators whose goal is quick entry through shattered windows.
  • Reduce your UV damage. Our line of Safety film and Security laminates block up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays – rays that can fade and deteriorate fabrics and furnishings.

EWS Stops Break & Enter Attempt!

Another Security Installation Success. We installed 12mil Silver Security Laminate, three weeks before thieves tried to break in. This photo shows that the Security Laminate prevented the break-in!

“…they managed to break the outer pane on my office, but were unable to get through the inner pane.”


The Ultra Prestige Series Window Film by 3M™ is the best performing commercial security & safety window film. Before, most window films that rejected the sun’s heat were tinted. Some of them even looked like mirrors, or as we call highly reflective. In both instances the appearance of your windows & building was changed. That’s all different now with the Prestige Series. This window film is virtually clear and was designed to protect your building from the sun (while maintaining its appearance).

The Ultra Prestige Series Window Film offers lower reflectivity than glass. It allows 50% to 70% of the natural light from the sun into your building. You won’t even notice the film on your windows, just the results: less heat, lower energy bill, reduced fading and less glare.


Virtually clear film leaves your building’s appearance unchanged

Rejects up to 56% of the heat coming through windows

Blocks up to 97% of sun’s infrared light

Eliminates up to 99.9% of UV rays that cause fading damage to furnishings


The Ultra Series Window Film by 3M™ is a high performance safety & security window film. This window film offers superb protection against violent storms such as hurricanes – as well as smash & grab thieves trying to break into your building. The Ultra Series uses a tough, tear resistant film that holds together glass fragments when a window is shattered or broken. Also, this security film comes in either clear or tinted, depending on your preference. You’ll gain the benefits of sun control, while ensuring your protecting your property.


Premium hurricane window protection

Deter “smash and grab” thieves

Two options: clear or tinted

Sun control option available


The Commercial Security Window Film by 3M™ is our basic level, security & safety window film for your business. The main goal with this basic level film is to keep glass from flying. If your window were to get broken into, or a violent storm would come through, it would send shards of glass all over the place. The clear film won’t change the look of your building.


Helps protect windows against hurricanes

Helps deter “smash and grab” thieves

Virtually clear film won’t change appearance of building

Anchoring Systems

  • Structural Silicone Anchoring System – A bead of Dow Corning 995 to all perimeter edges of the film and frame to aid in additional strength and security. *Always recommended on all tempered glass applications. To see detailed information about Structual Silicone click… More+
  • SafetyZone NO-BAR (TM) Anchoring System for windows provides practically indestructible protection for your properties – and the people inside them.
  • Here’s how it works: The window pane is coated with 12mil Safety film, and then the NO-BAR mechanical anchoring system attaches the film-covered glass onto the window frame. A decorative, color-coded cap is then applied to match the existing window frame.
    To see detailed information (PDF) about SafetyZone NO-BAR (TM) Anchoring System click… More+
  • SafetyZone NO-BAR Anchoring System. Virtually invisible protection you don’t have to see to believe – or trust.

“I am very happy with your team’s approach and service. Really top notch the way your company operates. Things ‘get done’ and you pay attention to detail.”
– Dr. A. Vancouver, BC

Artistic Decorative Films

  • Protect and enhance your building, office or home with decorative films and solar control window films. Solar Films can be installed over Safety & Security Laminates or onto your existing glass.

Decorative Film & Glass Enhancements

  • Make glass surfaces clear and beautifully visible.
  • Delineate passageways.
  • Enhance safety in public spaces.
  • Add flexibility to displays.
  • Add solar protection to sun-drenched spaces.
  • Customize any space with a corporate logo or signage. Choose from dozens of patterns to create enriching visuals and create signature effects.
  • Achieve any effect – subtle or sensational.
  • Multiple colors and patterns at your disposal.
  • With unlimited design possibilities; allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces.

Glass Enhancement

  • Enhance your building, office or home. Achieve the look of etched glass, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Customize any space with a corporate logo or signage. Chose from dozens of patterns to create enriching visuals and create signature effects.
  • Films that do more than enhance aesthetics – they serve vital functions and can be applied to:
    • Glass partitions
    • Retail displays
    • Walkways
    • Office doors
    • Conference rooms
    • Private spaces